Ski & Stay Vacation Trips in El Bolsón (Argentina)

The ski packages include:

Hotel rooms (continental buffet breakfast included),
_ Ski lessons or guided days (if wished)
_ Ski lift passes,
Equipment hire,
_ Airport Transfers to and from El Bolsón
_ Shuttle service back and forth, from the hotel to the Ski Resort.

In July, August, and September, North Americans are an overnight flight away from making full-on winter turns, almost entirely jet-lag free.

Cerro Perito Moreno Ski Resort

The mountain includes a huge variety of tourist attractions at different times
of the year. You can practice activities such as alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding and mountain trekking, snow games, sleigh rides, and even snowshoeing.

Uncrowded slopes + Personalized & Attentive service = Ski Patagonia

Cerro Perito Moreno El Bolson
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backcountry skiing patagonia

Backcountry Skiing (Alpine Touring) Skiing in Patagonia

Ski touring is a type of skiing which takes place in unmarked and unpatrolled areas outside a ski resort. Also known as Backcountry skiing (mostly in the United States) and Randonnée (in France).

Ski touring is more about the uphill ―going off-the-beaten-tracks and away from crowds, enjoying rewarding views after an intense physical effort― than the downhill. However, descents involve the thrill of skiing on fresh tracks.

Cross Country (Nordic Skiing)

Practice Cross Country (Nordic) Skiing in the various circuits offered by this incredible mountain. An instructor / guide can join you and provide you with valuable information on the environment and its permanent residents (animals and plants in the area). It is very common to be accompanied from above by Andean Condors that glide over the entire area.  Skiing in Patagonia Skiing in Patagonia

Cerro Perito Moreno Nordic Skiing

Other Activities in the Area

Azul River Valley (Río Azul)

Just 3 miles away from El Bolsón downtown you have this amazing viewpoint. The Azul River meanders until the river mouth in the Puelo Lake (you can see it further away in the picture…)

Rio Azul activities
Valle del Rio Azul
Lago Puelo - Puelo Lake

Lake Puelo National Park

Lake Puelo is a glacial lake, with its characteristic turquoise-colored water.
Its main attraction consists of the presence of glacial valleys that spill into the pacific Ocean through river Puelo, and the existence of unique flora species in the country which are a result of the introduction of the valdivian Chilean forest. A boat ride along the shore is a must…

Epuyén Lake (Lago Epuyén)

Epuyén Lake has the clearest water of all the area.  Higher in altitude and more protected from the Patagonian wind, this lake is one of the most beautiful you’ll ever see. Motorboats are forbidden here, so you can only sail it in the quietness of a sailboat. Don’t miss it!

Hiking Sight-seeing Sailing vectors
Epuyen Lake
Cerro Piltriquitron El Bolson

Piltriquitrón Mountain

Cerro Piltriquitrón (meaning “hanging from the clouds” in the native’s language) is the iconic mountain of El Bolsón. You can hike to the top or do a tandem paragliding flight taking off from the middle of the mountain…

El Bolsón Craftsmens’ Street Fair

Hosting more than 300 booths, this one of a kind handcraft market in El Bolsón offers an incredible variety of products: handcrafted goods of wood, silver, leather, textiles of Patagonian wool, ceramics and homemade food and beer. It is the central gathering point of the “Bolsoneros” and the best place to get a taste of the “Hippie” lifestyle for which El Bolsón has come to be known. 

El Bolson crafstman street fair

How To Get Here?

Boeing 747 vector
Bariloche Map

The San Carlos de Bariloche Airport BRC/SAZS (Tte. Luis Candelaria) is  8 miles away from the city of Bariloche. Bariloche Skiing

We offer a direct transfer from Bariloche airport to the accommodation chosen by you.ariloche

The airport operates both international and domestic daily flights from Buenos Aires and other provinces (Cordoba, Mendoza, etc). Airlines that operate in Bariloche:

During your stay with us, transfers to the Ski Resort (round trip) from your chosen accommodation in Bariloche are included in the price.

When traveling to Argentina from other countries, flights arrive at the Aeropuerto Internacional Ministro Pistarini de Ezeiza (EZE airport code) in the country’s capital Buenos Aires. If immediately connecting to a domestic flight, be certain to check from which airport as many domestic flights leave from the Aeroparque Jorge Newbery (AEP airport code) about an hour’s shuttle from Ezeiza.

During the South American winter, Argentina is -1 hour from EST, so there is little to no jet lag for North Americans.

There are nonstop flights from New York, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Los Angeles. American, Delta, United, Aerolineas Argentinas all fly to Argentina.iing in patagoina


Know before you go


Skiing in Patagonia


Passports should be valid for at least six months before the arrival date.


Immigration and customs are straightforward when arriving in Argentina.

In 2016, Argentina dropped the reciprocity fee for Canadians and Americans, so there is no additional cost to enter the country.

There is no visa required to enter Argentina. If a traveler is located outside the European Union a travel visa may apply so be sure to check with the Argentine Consulate.


No vaccinations are required or needed to enter Argentina. Tap water is safe to drink.

Travel health insurance is encouraged as most policies from home will not directly pay a clinic or hospital bill while in Argentina (some policies might reimburse medical costs once you’re back home but you’re responsible for paying bills upfront).


The electrical current is 220V/50Hz. Argentina uses type C two-prong plugs and type I plugs with three flat prongs, with some outlets featuring a hybrid that accepts both type I and C plugs.


The monetary unit in Argentina is the peso (AR$). Many businesses will accept US dollars but always have pesos on hand as well. ATMs charge a 10-12% user fee but for some USA banks, fees may be reimbursed to your checking account.


It is becoming customary to leave a 15-20% tip at restaurants, guides and ski instructors. Porters and maids should be tipped whatever the exchange rate for several US dollars is for that day. You do not need to tip taxi drivers.


Temperatures average highs of 40F – 50F, and lows of 30F – 35F. Storms are pretty common, so bring Waterproof, Windproof & Breathable Clothing.


Hear From Our Clients

"In the 2020 winter season, I took ski lessons with Fede. Until then, I had only taken lessons once in my life and although I enjoyed the sport, I used to feel quite insecure.

My way of skiing changed completely after attending the clinics with him and I could even say I learned to ski almost from scratch. Among other things, I understood that being able to go down the mountain on skis isn't necessarily skiing. I learned from the very basic stuff to the more technical aspects and I was able to enjoy the speed and off-trail skiing as I never imagined.

Fede has a great passion for skiing and he knows how to pass it on, he does not hide anything he knows and his observations and corrections are accurate and professional. You can notice the dedication and preparation he puts into each lesson since he is always proposing key exercises to improve your technique.

I appreciate having him as an instructor and I hope to take lessons with Fede again because another thing I learned from him is that you can always keep improving."

Tatiana Fernández Santos

Patagonia, Argentina

"In August 2019 I spent some holidays in El Bolson, Rio Negro, Argentina. I decided I would try to do some alpine skiing in the Andes. Close to El Bolson is the ski resort Perito Moreno.
I went there, rented boots and skis, and saw the ski school, which is located just where you arrive on the slopes with the first lift. Here I was introduced to ski instructor Federico Wenzel or Fede, who would be my teacher for that day.
Fede soon got my confidence. We started on some gentle slopes. Fede skied ahead demonstrating techniques. He observed my skiing and corrected me. All very friendly and constructively. Fede is fluent in English, which helped whenever my poor Spanish was insufficient. Soon we could go down more inclined slopes and even some slightly icy ones.
I truly enjoyed my skiing with Fede. He is a great company and you feel safe that he does not take you out onto something that you can not match. Fede corrected me very constructively but in a very friendly way, a bit at a time, so I had time to practice and learn. I had a great day and asked Fede to continue being my ski instructor on the following day.
The next day we met and continued skiing together. From the very start it was very windy, which picked up to a real snow blizzard. For this however, we can not blame Fede, who continued with his good temper and smile. He took me safely down the slopes even with almost zero visibility. It was a great adventure for me!
For sure I will return to El Bolson and ski Perito Moreno. I will then ask for Fede to be my instructor. I can recommend Fede to anyone who wants to learn or improve his skiing. Fede, I believe, is very skillful and can also teach at a very advanced level. You will have a good time skiing with Fede."

Anders Hugo-Persson

Slagelse, Denmark

Ski instructor

"After skiing all my life on my own, in the 2021 season, I took ski lessons with Fede and I can assure you that my skiing improved drastically. My skiing is no longer erratic, I started skiing conscientiously, getting rid of old bad habits, and progressing in my performance on the groomers.

Fede manages to transmit technical knowledge and passion for skiing. You learn about the fundamentals of good skiing and how they explain each technical aspect.

In his classes, you learn the how and why: from the body athletic stance to the technical aspects of the ski equipment, going through the different mountain and snow conditions, and the ski equipment, seeking to bear in mind all the factors that interact when we ski, to give as a result that pleasant sensation, feeling the skis and trying to control them more and more, so to be able to ski more effectively and more safely on each descent.

Without a doubt, Fede's lessons are recommended for anyone who wants to make the leap to advanced skiing. With him, you learn that you can always improve and enjoy skiing even more."

Guido Claro

El Bolsón, Argentina


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