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Name: Federico Wenzel

NATIONALITIES: Argentinean  Argentinean Flag icon  –  Italian Italian Flag icon

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

HEIGHT: 175cm (5ft 9in)

WEIGHT: 80kg (176 lb)


  • Medical Doctor specialized in Occupational Medicine
  • Top Class Ski Instructor: Scuola Italiana di Sci Marilleva, Trentino, ItalyCerro Perito Moreno Ski School , Argentina.
  • General Coordinator at Cerro Perito Moreno Ski School , Argentina.
  • Boot-fitter

MAIN LOCATIONS: Val di Sole Trentino – ItalyEl Bolsón – Argentina,  Aspen CO – U.S.A.,  .

CERTIFICATION: AADIDESS Level 2 Certification (Argentine Ski & Snowboard Instructors Association)

HOME MOUNTAINCerro Perito Moreno Ski Resort, El Bolsón, Argentina

CURRENTLY SKIS ON: 165cm Fischer RC4 WorldCup FIS Slalom, 193cm Fischer RC4 WorldCup Giant Slalom

CURRENT BOOTS: Lange Raceplug R2006 World Cup boot ZB (flex 140)

CURRENT POLES: Komperdell 120cm Slalom NationalTeam Carbon Ski Poles

SPONSORS: Cerro Perito Moreno Ski Resort

Federico Wenzel Ski Instructor

Real skiing, the most thrilling and enjoyable one, is all about “carving”. But only 10% of all recreational skiers can actually carve a turn. So there is a lot of work for us, instructors, to help the other 90% experience those incredible feelings and sensations generated on the 100% edge locked “arc to arc” carved turns.

That’s what encourages me the most! To help skiers get to that level of enjoyment!

Skiing is definitely my passion, my way of living!”


See you on the slopes!

Fede Wenzel Ski Instructor signed

About Me…

I’m a Medical Doctor, Professional Ski Instructor/Coach and Bootfitter with more than 15 years of ski teaching experience, based in the wild Andean Patagonia (Argentina). I grew up skiing on a very small ski resort where the only run it had was very steep (black diamond) and rarely groomed at all.

Learning to ski on such a difficult terrain full of bumps, ruts and steepness was a big challenge, but it did pay off in the long run.
For me, learning to ski wasn’t easy at all. When I was starting, I took no lessons and it was basically self-taught. It took me a huge amount of time, effort (and obviously lots of crashes) to be able to ski the whole mountain with confidence and control.

That’s the main reason why, in the first place, I became a ski instructor later on. To try to facilitate the learning process of new skiers, helping this sport to grow more and more. ski instructor argentina

The key is that with quality instruction, particularly from the early stages, you can learn and improve your skiing way much faster, and way much safer. And that means enjoying your days in the mountain a lot more, from the beginning.

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